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All gloryfy unbreakable eyewear products have unique features that minimze the risk of severe eye injuries during contest or training. The special g-flex and g-NXT material makes frames, lenses and temples 100% unbreakable and splinter-proof. Due to the so called memory effect shades and goggles are highly elastic, flexible and always return to their original shape. A modular system click mechanism enables the side.pieces and frames to be put together and taken apart quickly and simply. The lenses/ sheets have the highest optical quality rating due to the fine-tuned prismatic correction and are super leight weight compared to other glasses. All shades are also available with unbreakable correction lenses.

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The special edition gloryfy G3 KINI Red Bull returns 2012 in a new design: As a soft-touch version in black with a KINI Red Bull print, a gloryfy Logo, a grey inside and anthracite colored lenses – created in co-operation with the clothing-brand of the Austrian MX-legend Heinz Kinigadner. Available from 139,95€.


The gloryfy goggle GP2 brandy orange looks as wild as what it‘s made for: An innovative frame design combined with intricate prints and a striking color scheme and maximum contrast enhancing unbreakable double-lenses with anti-scratch effect in different shadings which give you an extra wide field of vision. A new ventilation system for a fog-free ride and of course 100% UVA/UVB protection are only some of the GP2 advantages that perfectly fits with every helmet. Available from 119,95€

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You can win a gloryfy goggle GP2 and a gloryfy G3 KINI Red Bull
You only need to answer this question correctly:

How many motor sports heroes are in the  gloryfy team?

Right answer:

The winners of the gloryfy game are:
Ingo Siebeck (gloryfy goggle GP2) and Stephan Schiechl (gloryfy G3 KINI Red Bull). Congratulations!

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