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NiceOne is a company from Munich newly established in July 2010 specializing in the
development of dietary supplements for adrenaline athletes. Why? Because nowadays
motocrossers, skiers, bikers, surfers or climbers often pursue their hobby no longer on the level of recreational athletes but on one resembling that of the pros.

Athletes who are on the move for six to eight hours on their moto-bike, spend a whole day in
the waves or climb for hours strain their bodies extremely and quickly push them to their limits.
Scientific studies show that recreational as well as professional athletes are frequently
undersupplied with vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals and trace elements in phases of
intensive stress. This can lead to athletes becoming more prone to sickness or to their bodies not
properly regenerating during rest periods. NiceOne works against these negative effects with four
novel preparations. For more fun and success in performing sports in the mountains or on the

NiceOne Concentration – Makes you learn whips not maths.
Especially for Adrenalin Sportsmen like FMXers or bikers, the ability to react with lightning
speed, a good coordination and a high power of concentration are particularly important.
The combination of caffeine, taurine and further natural substances in NiceOne Concentration
makes sure that the athlete is mentally fresh and fit over a long period of time.
NiceOne has one special feature: Contrary to conventional energy drinks, NiceOne
concentration contains green tea extract that works against the side effects of caffeine such as
tachycardia or nervousness.


NiceOne Fast Energy
With the novel energy bar you ride, bike or surf longer and more intense: "Of course you can't reinvent energy sources but adjust them perfectly to the needs of adrenalin athletes by a special combination of different carbs and additives.", says NiceOne founder Jan Folkard Willms. NiceOne Fast Energy is small, handy, easily digestible, not too sweet, contains different carb-sources and important additives such as caffeine and sodium. It is produced in Germany, does without artificial additives and moreover has a natural coconut flavour. The fast energy provider is light and ideally recharges the batteries before and during sport. The energy is not only instantly available but thanks to NiceOne Fast Energy also lasts until the end of a session.

Check out also NiceOne Immunity, NiceOne UV Protection and NiceOne Recovery.
All five NiceOne products are available online via

You can win 5x NiceOne Concentration and 5x NiceOne Fast Energy
You only need to answer this question correctly:

When was NiceOne found?

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The winners of the NiceOne Competition are:
Max Segmüller, Florian Hartmann, Andreas Faatz and Juliane Falckenthal - congratulations!

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