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Two years in the making “That´s The Way“ is a film that will not only feature the best FMX riders in the world, but it will do it in a format never seen before: Aspiring tobring you closer, this action packed documentary will take the viewer on a trip aroundthe world to showcase what motivates the riders to push themselves to their limit or evenbeyond.

The idea to create more than another FMX movie was born in various conversations with the riders, who are deeply involved in the documentary. With their ideas & creative input it´sensured that their sport is communicated in an authentic way to a wider audience withoutlosing the core identity of FMX. To deliver something very special in Summer 2012 the crew followed the best riders there are for more then a year on their journey to answer the question: "What does it take to be a professional dirt-bike rider?"
Apart from the action on contest & event venues spanning more then 14 countries, the riders invite the viewer to their homes pointing out what it means to dedicate their lives to the sportand living in the fast lane.

True life experiences in cinema quality
Full HD, 35mm footage, POV cameras, in-depth interviews, road-movie & travel segments, will give this movie a soulful and authentic spirit appealing a wider audience. Central to the story is the true-life experience of a well-selected group of riders and their relationship to each other. By telling their life stories the cast automatically created the plot of the movie

Starring Robbie Maddison
Australian native Robbie Maddison, now living in California, knows the global scene in & outand is the perfect character for the main act. "21st Century Daredevil" Maddison describes the various aspects of riding a dirt-bike for living, and then hands the plot over to legends & rising stars of the sport, before those reconnect back to him. Every rider in the main cast reflects on the local & the global scene, and will create through statements on each other & the sport a unique dynamic, which can only be found in the FMX circus nowadays.

Robbie Maddison jumping on the top of the The Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas
Robbie Maddison jumping on the top of the The Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas

An action trip around the globe
To give the movie an additional angle, the producers included travel experiences from unique locations the riders get to visit through the sport. A core group of 9 riders with their different characters, styles and cultural backgrounds guarantee a unique trip around the globe.

From Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour...
From the great bullrings in Mexico (Mexico City) and Spain (Madrid), to the Sphinx of Giza (Egypt); the Red Square in Moscow (RUS) to the Eternal City Rome (ITA), the viewer gets an personal angle of riders like Robbie Maddison (AUS), Nate Adams (USA), Andre Villa (NOR), Eigo Sato (JAP) Levi Sherwood (NZL) being in battle mode during the Red Bull XFighters World Tour fighting for glory.

To Jams and freestyling sessions
After the contest season Mat Rebeaud (SUI) and Dany Torres (ESP) invited the crew to their homes for deeply personal interviews and shoots on their practise compounds in Switzerland and Spain. The notorious FMX4EVER crew takes the audience to Turkey and Sri Lanka to deliver mind-blowing pictures with a record breaking crowd of over 150.000 fans in downtown Colombo (SRI).

Finally in the birthplace of FMX
All comes to an end, where it all started: Southern California, the place where FMX was born. Playing host for the most unreal scenes of the movie being shot on a 3 week roadtrip visiting classic ramp spots like Wyvern, Metzgers, Pala and Temecula. Freeride locations like Ocotillo Wells, Fitzland and Reche Canyon, demonstrate that no ramp is needed to go big on a dirtbike bring the movie to it´s peak.

Independent freestyling production
Starting without any financial support and solely based on the spirit of the riders and production team nobody really knew during the first year, if the documentary would ever befinished. Nevertheless the team had no doubt that financial support would come. Luckily the first scenes cut convinced Swatch, Red Bull and Vans to support the project and ensure that something special can be delivered in Summer 2012.

50 of the world’s greatest riders
Riders include: Robbie Maddison, Nate Adams, Mike Metzger, Pages Brothers, Eigo Sato,Dany Torres, Mat Rebeaud, Brice Izzo, Lance Coury, Alex Kolesnikov, Levi Sherwood, RichKearns, Destin Cantrell, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Blake “Bilko“ Williams, Andre Villa, AdamJones, Remy Bizouard, Drake McElroy, Peter Pilat, Fabian Bauersachs, Busty Wolter, PeterPilat, Wes Agee, Jeremy Ruanet, Libor Podmol, Brody Wilson, Nick Dunne, Derek Cook,Mark Phillips, Scotty Stephens, Cam Sinclair, Jimbo Verbrugh, Giles DeJong, Daniel Bodin,Nick de Wit, Nick Franklin, Kai Haase, Derek Garland, Myles Richmond, Daice Suzuki andmany more....
Shredding it down to a very different soundtrack, which includes Bands like:
The Bronx, Phoenix, Riverboat Gamblers, Prop Dylan and many more....

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You can win DVDs of "THAT'S THE WAY"!

You only need to answer this question correctly:

Which rider jumped on the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas?

Right answer: Robbie Maddison
Deadline of this game was:
January 30th, 2013
The winner of this game: N. Bennett and F. Hartmann

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