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CMYK SHOES 2013When CMYK started its Shoe project one of the targets was to reach the maximum performances in term of grip and sensibility, our later tests and experiences showed that in order to maximize this aspect other undesired side effects like, for example excessive wearing out of the sole bottom or sensitivity to uneven ground, come up.

The next step in our research was how to improve these aspects but keep the same grip, sensitivity and comfortable fi t of the first edition. The answer that match these require ment is our new development:

Win a CMYK SHOES package

This is your chance to win this CMYK SHOES Package
including PETRA SHOE and Rock T-Shirt
You only need to answer this question correctly:

What is the name of the new CMYK SHOES technology?

Right answer: GUM-ON TECHNOLOGY®
Winner: B. Kaznica, Oberanger
Deadline of this game was: February 28th, 2013

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