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Interview with Freddy Peters
Interview by Tobias Hannig | Pictures by Petipix, Gerd Rose

We talked with the former German FMX Champion Freddy Peters from Berlin/Germany about his sabbatical and the motivation to come back riding dirtbikes.

Hey Freddy, great to see you are back in business!
How long was your downtime and why did you quit riding?
Thanks, it's great to be back on the bike! I stopped riding to help my dad in his restaurant for the last three years. I had the plan to come back after one year, but it was not possible for me.

Freddy Peters

What motivated you to come back?
Like I said I wanted to come back anyway. It was just a matter of time :-)

You were riding several events in Russia the last weeks - tell us more about this experience.
Yeah, I have been two weeks in Russia and it was just a blast. It was my first time on a bike after the break. First I was a little afraid to go there with no practice but in the end I was confident with myself and everything felt so good.

Freddy Peters wearing SRH Clothing

You did already almost every trick of your trick list during the Russian FMX events. It seems you are still on fire?!
Not everything, but it was just awesome. The first 9 o'clock was like I never stopped riding and this was jump number 4. That gave me a lot confidence and I just went for the other stuff. Jump nine I just gave it a go and did the Backflip again. It was close because I did not pulled enough, but it worked out and the following ones were just fine. I took a lot motivation out of the trip and just happy to be on the bike again.

Freddy Peters doing a Cliffhanger

Did you already think about trying some new stuff?
Yes I have a few things in mind. I mean the other guys are far ahead right now so I have to step it up.

What are you plans for the next season?
I just want to spend as much time on the bike as possible and as soon I feel ready I show up to some events I guess.

Freddy Peters doing a Heelclicker Flip

Is there anything you want to tell the people out there?
I want to thank SRH and DECALLAB for the support and hope to see all of you at the event in the future.

Thx for the interview and good luck!
Thank you and ride on, Freddy

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