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Interview with Remi Bizouard

Interview and pix by Tobias Hannig []

Remi Bizouard is one of the upcoming stars in the European FMX scene. Two years ago he showed up at his first IFMXF qualifier in Bern/Switzerland and impressed with awesome tricks with huge extensions. Nowadays Remi is on the best way to get one of the worlds best FMX riders. It's only a question of time, that Remi wins an IFMXF contest ...

First of all, tell the guys out there some basics about you - where do you come from, how old are you and what is your mission?
I am from Bergerac, which is close to Bordeaux in France. I am 19 years and my mission is ride as much as i can!

Did you grow up with the Motocross sport and do you have a MX racing background?
Yes, I have started riding MX when I was 10 years. In the age of 16 I have quitted racing and started to ride FMX, because MX racing was too expensive!

Remi Bizouard
Remi Bizouard doing a Kiss of Death Indian

How did you came to the FMX sport?
During my MX practice I did some small tricks and had a lot of fun. So I have decided to build my own ramp. Since this time I never rode MX races - just some small training to shape my bike skills!

Do you also riding Minibikes, BMX or Snowscoot?
Yes, I am riding minibikes with my friends and also snowscoot - but not so much!!

Remi, the 1st time I saw you riding was at the IFMX prequalification in Bern 2004. For the most people you were a nobody at this time, but you impressed with big tricks. Now, 2 years later you are placing contantly in the Top 3 at the IFMXF NOTJ Tour. Was it a hard way for you to be on top?
Yes it was a really difficult way to be on top! Because the level of the tricks is getting higher and higher. Almost in every contest the riders present new tricks.

Do you have your own FMX compound for a constant training?
My garden is my park! I am really lucky in this case :-) I have one big landing, foam pits and mini double dirt.

Remi Bizouard
Remi doing an Oxecutioner

Let’s talk about the Flip. How did you learn the Flip?
I know the Backflip since 4 years! I have started doing Flips with the BMX bike into the water. With the MX bike I did 10 successful attempts on dirt with the kicker ramp. Then I did crash and stopped flipping for 2 months. After the break I have trained the long distance flip. The feeling was much better for me. Before the first flip on dirt your are really scared, but after the first attempts I got more routine.

You are doing almost every trick with huge extensions. Especially your Tsunami and the Oxecutioner (onehand hartattack footgrab). Do you think, that the people hype the Backflip to much and the judges are score them to overpriced?
You know, the scorpion tsunami and others tricks are difficult. You need as much practice as possible! If you do not train hard enough, you will loose your extensions. But not for a flip! So do you think?

What is currently the hardest FMX trick?
Maybe the 360 or a whip like Ronnie Renner.

Remi Bizouard
Rock Solid Indian - One of the hardest FMX tricks

You are doing a lot of Backflip Variations like onehand flip and heelclicker flip. Which Backflip trick is your favorite?
I like the Flip Clicker and Whip Flip.

You did the Seatgrab Flip into the Foampit. Do you also have planned to try it on dirt?
Yes, I have planned to do it on dirt. But I need some more weeks to execute it on dirt.

Did you already tried the 360 intro the foampit?
Not really. But yes I am gonna try it!

What are your plans for the actual season?
Traveling most as I can and be on the podium in every event. Maybe win some contests :-)

Remi Bizouard
What a huge extended Tsunami!

Which FMX contest would you love to take part in? (for example x-fighters and x-games)
Both are big, but the x-fighters will be a dream with so many people! When you hear the Spanish people scream, they give you wings!

Let’s talk about something different... ;-)

Do you have another job apart from FMX?
No, I haven't time. I'm every weekend at a different place to ride.

What are you doing in your freetime?
Gym, pool, riding fifties and when the weather is bad, I surf through the internet!!

Which place should the people visit, when they are in France?
It's a big country with a lot of different places. But in the south it's really nice: Marseille, Nice, Biarritz, and for sure Bordeaux for testing the wine!

Remi Bizouard and Libor Podmol
Libor Podmol and Remi Bizouard at the NOTJ in Nürnberg

Do you want to say something to your fans, friends etc?
Thanks to everyone for support me and also to My website gonna be open next week so go checkout!

Okay, now our classical word association. Give me the first word that pops into your head:

Ramps: cool
USA or Europe: europe
Sponsors: globe, split, vestal, ipone, mod, fmf, sixsixone, xfun, scar, sms racing
Favorite Website: and
Double Flip by Pastrana: Big
Natural Terrain: Dubai
Tattoos: nice
50’s: funny
Soccer: boring
Movie: king kong
Travelling: The best life
Girls: not tall and with a nice smylle!!

Right on thanx Remi!


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