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Interview with the Pagès Brothers

Interview by Stefanie Reiß
Pix by Laurent Collet, Andre Villa and studio52

Keep on supporting some underground FMX riders and upcoming stars. We are continuing our mission and talked with the french newcomers Charly and Tom Pagès about their rotor bike tests and their fast progression the last months ...

Hello boys, tell the guys out there something about your place of birth and your current residence?
Charly: I am 25 years of age and I coming from Nantes (west part of France). Currently I live in the south of France (north of Toulouse).
Tom: I am 21 years and I live at the same place as my brother.

Backflip Superman of Tom Pagès
Tom doing a Backflip Superman

When did you start riding 2 wheelers?
It all started with riding BMX races 6 years ago. We also did Freestyle BMX and some dirt jumping. Racing was to much competition for us, so wie decided to ride more Dirt Trails. After that we started to race Motocross and had a lot of fun.

How did you catch fire with FMX?
Charly: Last year in May (2005) we have built a ramp, because one of my friends was looking for some FMX riders doing shows at a summer Supercross Event and we said : “No problem, we can do it!” So Tom and I started to train FMX and we got more skills day by day.

Do you also ride BMX or Snowscoot?
Charly: No, not yet. But we want to try snowscooting soon!

Do you have an own FMX park?
Charly: Yes, we have a kicker ramp, a regular ramp, a dirt landing and a foam pit, but with shitty foam ;-)

Charly Pagès
Charly Pagès

FMX is getting more and more specific. Nowadays the guys are building wallrides and stuff like that. Do you think that there a combination between the lifestyle of snowboarding and FMX?
Charly: I think the freestyle is a big family and every extreme sport can take a bit of each one for continuing our skills and progression.

Tell the guys out there more about the rotor bike project. Did you invent the bike by yourself?
Charly: We didn’t invent the bike! The developing company is “invention production racing“ Jérome CAUWET and Christophe CAZALA were looking for freestylers since 2 years for testing the bike, but nobody wanted to try it! So I have called the guys and after a lot of testing sessions, the bike was ready for jumping on dirt. As you can see, we showed it at the FMX Show during the Supercross in Paris Bercy in November. But the front suspension needs more development. They are working on it and the next bike should be work even better.

FMX rotor bike - barspin backflip
Charly doing a Barspin Backflip in Paris Bercy

It seems the bike is strong and it works fine. Did you ever think about a low volume production of the bike for other riders?
Charly: I’m just the test rider of the bike. I know, that they want to adapt the system on 50’s, but it’s not ready, yet. You should ask I.P.R for more information.

Tom Pagès
Tom Pagès

What about the trick progression – are you only work on flip combos or some other trick innovations, too?
Charly: I got the rotor-bike 15 days before the show in Paris Bercy. The weather was really bad and I also had some problems with the bike. So the testing sessions were really short. I have worked on the Barspin Backflip, but I can tell you, that there are so many other tricks possible like the “decade air“... after my next practice I tell you guys more about it.
Tom: Just Barspin for me!

What are your goals for the future?
Charly: Just riding dirt bikes and take pleasure.
Tom: To have a picture of me in the Playboy magazine!

What is your favorite location to ride?
Charly: I like Spain, but it’s the only place we went for riding except france. I want to ride in Germany, it seems to be cool there. I hope next year!
Tom: Spain is great for riding. And our home compond at home.

Tell me something about your backflip experience ...
How did you learn it?

Charly: I did BMX backflips many years ago and after that the way to do it with the MX bike was natural.
Tom: It was scary at the begining and felt really stupid to do it on the dirt the first time, but now it’s just normal trick.

Holyman - Pagès brothers - FMX
Charly Pagès doing a Holyman

Do you want to say something to your fans, sponsors, buddies etc?
Charly: Thank, and come what ever you want to ride with us!
Tom: Hello guys, thanks to all our sponsors.

Okay, now our classical word association. Give me the first word that pops into your head:

Ramps: 9 radius
USA or Europe: Europe because USA looks too hard for us!
Sponsors: Shot, TBR, DL Concept!
Favorite websites:
Double Flip by Pastrana: crazy and respect
Metal or Hiphop: Classic ;-)
Natural Terrain: We love it, but it’s rare in France
50’s: always funny
Movie: Doberman (French movie)
Travelling: I like it, but majority of time it long

Thanx for the interview Charly and Tom!

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