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Interview with Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Interview by Tina Jeschke
Pix by Oliver Franke and courtesy of Jimmy

At the IFMXF-Worldcup competition NOTJ in cologne we found a new face over there. We are talking about Jimmy Fitzpatrick.Our supporter Tina talked with Jimmy about his first time in Germany and how the things are going ...

First of all, tell the guys out there some basics about you - where do you come from, how old are you, when did you start riding and what is your mission?

Whats up? My name is Jimmy Fitzpatrick and I am 22 years old. I was born in Whittier Ca but, now I live in Southern Ca Wine country Temecula.

I started riding when I was 5 years old on a 50cc quad. Ever since I have been hooked.

I raced for about 5 years and then got into freestyle and thought it was way more fun. My mission is to one day be a heavy competitor at X Games.
Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Jimmy, you rode the IFMXF Contest in Cologne – tell us something about your experience there and what kind of problems you had to ride in this arena? You needed a lot of time to get into your run, but after this time we saw tricks like Shoebox, Hartattack and Onehand Seatgrab Indy etc. What are your favourite tricks or what are you showing when you make a perfect run?

Germany was a lot of fun when I was there. I pretty much flew in did the show and flew home so I did not have much time to see a lot of Cologne. The contest set up was much different from what I am used to back in the U.S.A. The arena was very tight and the ramps were much different.

They were a lot more vert than American ramps. I thought it was much more difficult to flip. When I was in Germany it was a bummer about every one that crashed. In practice a good friend of mine Mat Rebeaud crashed and broke his femur and another buddy of mine Nick Ortuno cracked a couple of vertebras and I over rotated a flip and crashed. After all this when it came time to ride the show I was not very comfortable. I was very sore from my crash in practice.

Usually a good run for me would consist backflip nac to one hander lander, backflip whip, back flip double no footer, and backflip no hander to one hander lander, rocksolids, doublegrabs, kiss of death, whips and so on.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Jimmy doing a Helicopter at his home compound

What do you think about the cooperation between the FIM and the IFMXF? Many FMX-riders say that they like shows more than getting points in contests.What would you say?

I like to ride shows a lot and I also like to ride contests a lot depending on the setup. Shows are good because they are a lot more relaxed and you can do what you want with no pressure. Contests are good because it makes you go out and do your best tricks for everyone to see. If I was a spectator I would want to go and see a contest over a show anyday.

Pastrana made another evolution in FMX. He did the Double-Flip. Everybody is talking about Flips and the other sick tricks are in the background.. do you think, that the people hype the Backflip to much and the judges are score them to overpriced?

Pastrana is out of control. I think he is way out in front of everyone else. Whats he has done on a dirtbike no one ever thought would be possible. I think the flip is pretty crazy when you are first learning it. Once you have got it down its not so bad. It can be scary when you come to new different setups and have to flip them for the first time. I think if you can flip in a contest you should be judged higher than someone else that does not flip. Flipping is a lot more tricky than a non flip trick.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Jimmy during the NOTJ in Cologne

What do you think, the european FMX needs to get itself into better shape like the US FMX and have you heard about the commercial spot for "Hornbach" where Ron Hammer is jumping over the shop building?

I think European freestyle is well on their way to being right up there American freestyle. I think it is a lot easier for us because we can have room for big outdoor contests all year long. I think Europe should have a big big contest like X Games because so many good riders are coming out of Europe now. I have not heard anything about Ron Hammer jumping over a shop building but it sounds pretty wild and I would like to see it.

What are your plans for the upcoming season and how do you train in the wintertime?
My plans for the next couple of months are pretty busy. I am doing a reality TV show here in the USA for a couple weeks called Camp Crusty wich should be pretty cool. After that I have shows lined up back to back for a couple of weeks that are pretty close. Then I go to Mexico for a week for a two day out there. After that I am back Europe for IFMFX contest out in Poland and after Poland I fly straight to Switzerland for for a show in Geneve for the international supercross.

After the show I am going to stay in Switzerland for a week and hang out with Mat Rebeaud and go snowboarding. After that I am coming home to train out here at my house (Fitzland) I have 6 ramps a foam pit and close to 50 dirt jumps from big to small. A lot of people from all around the world come to ride during the winter time because the weather is perfect for riding and the dirt is usually pretty good aswell.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Onehanded Helicopter

Will we see you on contests or shows in Germany in the next time?
I will definately be at some of the shows in Germany. I am not sure when but plan on it.

Okay, now our classical word association. Give me the first word that pops into your head:

Ramps: sick tricks
USA or Europe: Both
Sponsors: Metal Mulisha
Favorite website: Metal
Double Flip by Pastrana: out of control
Metal or Hiphop: metal
Natural Terrain: best kind of riding
Rules: made to be broke
50’s: fun
Girls: love them
Movie: Scarface
Travelling: Grueling (Jetlag)

So we say thanks and hope you keep us informed ... ride on!

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