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Interview with Tobi Immler

Interview by Tobias Hannig | Pix by Noel Downey

Tobi Immler from Munich/Germany is the 2nd german backflipper after Busty Wolter and member of the Upforce crew. Tobi's advantages are great bike skills and nice extended tricks. We talked with Tobi about FMX and other interesting things.

First of all, tell the guys out there some basics about you - where do you come from, how old are you and what is your mission? I`m 27 years old, I live in munich germany and my mission is to enjoy life and have as much fun as possible!!

When and how did you start riding dirtbikes? I started riding  in the age of 16 with a 125 but got myself a 250 just after a couple of weeks cause  I felt more comfortable on it! I started riding FMX only end of 2002.

Tobias Immler

Do you like Freeriding and do you have some locations to do that?
Yes I love Freeriding and yes we have a pretty big place in munich to freeride but it actually belongs to the militarys so its prohibited to ride but we just  go there cause its such a sick playground for dirtbikes! They always change the whole area so new jumps are created all the time..Its just sick there!

Tell us something about your own FMX compound. How many ramps and stuff to play do you have and what kind of setup? My place to ride FMX is located directly at the munich airport and belongs to the local mx-club. We have a big foampit 2 landings 1 dirt takeoff and about 5 ramps out there.Also next to the FMX jumps theres a sx track and a mx track so I think that’s quite cool to have the choice to ride where and what u want all the time.

Tobi Immler

How do you prepare yourself during the wintertime? Haha no preparation.. I go snowboarding that’s good for the legs and yeah we go party that’s good for the spirit..Then I got some shows to ride.. so I just take those as a training. Thats it.

Do you also go skiing or snowboarding in the alps, which are really close to your place? Yeah snowboarding is fun.. all the big ski resorts in Austria or switzerland are reachable within 1 -2 hours so..M yfavorit place is just 25 minutes from home and it’s a freeride mountain..Its only good when it has tons of snow.

Tobi Immler

What are your plans for the future? I want to progress and step up my skills as far as possible..I want to try to ride some comps in the states when I feel ready..and of course I want to just keep on riding as long as possible and have as much fun as I can while doing that!

You are living in Munich/GER. Tell the people out there, what they should see, if they visit Munich? If anyone ever goes to muich he should probably come for the Oktoberfest!!Its just so sick.. millions of people from all over the world  meet there and get shit faced together!! It’s a must.

Tobi Immler

What are you doing beside FMX in your freetime? There is not to much freetime cause im on bikes a lot if its not my 250 it’s a mini if its not doing tricks off  ramps Im riding mx or sx.. so when Im not on a bike Im bored…

Do also ride Minibikes or BMX? Minis yes.

Tobi Immler

Your last words – do you want to say something to the people out there? Stay real and enjoy life.

Okay, now our classical word association. Give me the first word that pops into your head:

Ramps: always the same
USA or Europe: Europe
Website: coming soon
Sponsors: DCshoes, Split, FMX4ever, Eastpak, 661, Upforce, Vestal, Utopia, Race Tech, Bridgestone, Honda
Goonriders: not happy with em
Double Flip by Pastrana: crank
Natural Terrain: looking so good
Tattoos: yes
50’s: every1 needs 1
Soccer: fuck that
Movie: happy gilmore
Travelling: hate it but must be
Girls: yep love mine

Right on, thanks Tobi

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