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Fredrik Johansson and the Quarter Pipe 540

interview by Tobias Hannig

The last time we talked to each other was more than 2 1/2 half years
ago. Time is ticking away ... a lot of things happened. The
doubleflip and other crazy flip combos. By the way, you are the
inventor of a new FMX trick - the 540. Any comments?
Yea the time is ticking in a fast pace and so is the fmx progression. And for me to be able to be a part of that is what brings me the motivation.

How did you get the idea doing a 540?
I just couldnt sleep one night. I had a creative thinking session by my self with the goal of doing something new and cool and a flair in a quarter came up in my mind. I like the idea of the quarter as part of the FMX progression and also that it would be cool and time for some different types of technical rotations.

When did you start training this trick? Actually right the day after. Me an my cousin Thom was at "Sweetspot" and i told him about my idea. The problem was that i didnt had a quarter ramp. Then luckely Thom had heard about that Travis one time had flipped a kicker ramp upside down and jumped into the foampit. So we just did exactly that right away, and found it possible. This was on the day two weeks before Red Bull X-fighters in Madrid. I wanted to do the trick and I wanted to do it there. So after a couple of days i got a spot in the event. I started to build a real quarter ramp to get the right feeleing for Madrid. Anyway It showed that my ramp was nothing like the ramp in Madrid but it worked out anyway!

Did you try the 540 into the foam pit first?
Yes, yes, yes.

Was Madrid the first time you finally executed the 540 on dirt or did
you already do them on dirt at home?
yes yes yes. No no no. Thanks to the best and most hard working track builder Mankan I got a landing built. Finally a had a ramp and landing but there was no time to try it out. Anyway I had a great feeling and went to Madrid with a lot of inspiration and confedence.

Do you want to give your new trick a name? Oh i dont know. Havent thought about it. Maybe i should. What about a classic... McFredd? he he

What are you plans - do you want to create some more innovative
Quarterpipe tricks?
I have some things that im thinking about and a quarter setup now so i guess we have to wait and see. But i truly think the quarter is cool and would like to see more stuff to be thrown out there in the future. Ronnie for example is doing exactly that by going extremley big.

Fredd, any things you want to say?
Check out

Okay Fredd, thanks for the interview and good luck for the future!

More information and pix about Fred on his webiste

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