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André Villa – “Spain vs. Norway“
Interview by Tobias Hannig

¡viva España! Spanish weeks on FORTY8. You are asking yourself, why we are talking to a norwegian rider during our spanish weeks? The answer is: André Villa lives in Alivante/Spain and he is almost a spaniard...

We think almost every FMX insider knows André Villa. He is famous for his fresh and clean style, his awesome extensions, his good mood (watch the pic above – thumbs up) and of course for his success. In this interview we are asking him not only FMX questions, because we talked to him twice before. If you want to know more basics about him, you can check our startalk category.

Hi André, how do you feel after your crash at X Fighters Calgary?
Not very good man. I tried to ride the first time yesterday and my
shoulder is not ready. Need to get some more rest. Hopefully I will get
some more practice before Texas. Either way, it’s gonna be though.
This is my worst season ever. First coming off the Tib and Fib, then the
technical problems in Mexico and now this crash. But I’m keeping my head up.

What happened exactly?
I was going for a one hand hart in the 27 meter dirt kick. I got nose
high, a combination of some wind and a strange pop. I thought it was no problem so I just extended a normal hart attack and stated thinking of the next trick. When I came back I hooked my boot in the huuuge Suzuki side panel. Funny stuff.

Do you have any injuries?
I got knocked out for a few seconds. But it’s the shoulder that bothers
me now. Nothing broken, but stretched some ligaments. No big deal. Just need some more rest.

You are living in Alicante/Spain since 2004. Do you have a lot of
spanish friends and do you speak spanish well?

Not so many Spanish friends except for the riders. I mostly hang out
with the Swedish guys like Morgan Carlson, Alex Elgh and crew. I´m not
that much home anyway. When I am I like to chill with my girlfriend.
And yes I speak Spanish. But I learned it the street way and it’s not
well. I get along.

Do you also cook spanish meals? What ist he typical spanish meal – any favorites?
The national meal in Spain is Paella. Not my favorite. The Spanish Ham would be my favorite, even if it’s not a meal. We normally cook our own food and go to international restaurants. You see, they don’t put much passion and love in their food in south of Spain. The further north you get, the better is the food.

Your FMX compound is one of the biggest in Europe – maybe in the world. Do you still modify it and what are your lastest plans?
The Red Bull compound kick my parks ass. Anyway... To be honest. I don’t spend much time there in the summer. It’s a issue with the wind and riding partners since Morgan Carlson is traveling a lot. I often go to Nicolas Ortunos place which is more covered from he wind. But I did build a six pack and some new stuff in January.

I have read that you will ride X Games this year – is that right?
Yes sir. I am in!

The Pages brothers did the frontflip a few weeks ago (with their regular bike setup) on dirt. What do you think about the progression of the front flip and did you think about trying it into the pit – or maybe you did it already?
Maybe I did? Hehe.. It’s sick and it takes way more skills than it looks
like. The Pagès brothers are bad ass...

What are your plan fort he rest of the season and will you ride any IFMXF?
I will ride all the x-fighters, x-games, maybe some dew tours and
different other stuff in Europe. I might be in Riga for the IFMXF.

Which country has the better food – Spain or Norway?

When are you going to Norway the next time?
After X-games. 4th of August.

That’s it for now. Take care and good luck fort he future!
Thanks man... Keep it up

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