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Interview with Thomas Pagès
Interview by Tobias Hannig | Pix by Sven Schmid

Last weekend the traditionally took place in Zürich/Switzerland. A lot of big riders were invited to compete in disciplines like Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Freeskiing and of course FMX. Riders like Dany Torres, Mat Rebeaud, Libor Podmol etc. were invited to ride there. And there was another big name invited – we haven't heard from for a while. We are talking about Tom Pagès – the younger brother of Charles. Tom did quit riding a few months ago, but now he is back. We talked with the great guy about what was happening the last months...

Hi Tom, how are you doing right now and what did you do the last  days?

Hi, I feel pretty good right now, i've been riding a lot for the last months.
You were riding the last weekend. You ended up in 5th 
place without doing Backflips. Why?
The reason why i'm not flipping now is because i quit riding for months. When i stopped I didn't feel like doing freestyle anymore and flipping as well. It became a problem hard to fight more and more everyday, so i stopped.

You were one of the Best Backflippers I know and you did awesome 
Flip-Combos. Did you quit doing Flips forever?
I don't really know if I stopped flipping forever. I wish could go for it again for sure. For the moment I'm having like that. I'll see later.
Your riding style looks awesome and your tricks are great extended.  Is this one of the reasons, that you don't focus on doing Backflips anymore? Well, I'm just happy to ride my bike again even if I don't flip. So instead than to keep putting pressure on myself about it, I'm doing tricks.

Maybe you are an innovator of a new style direction ---> "Working  on big tricks without flipping?" I think the non-flipping tricks are fun. Nowadays a lot of rider focus only on the flip-tricks. Not flipping leave me time to work more on normal tricks. I'm trying to push them as much as possible.
Especially your Turndown Whip is a real 180°. It seems you like  that trick?
Yeh it's a cool trick, I really like whips and turndowns. They're probably the funniest tricks ever.

[Tom with great Whip skills – on the left the Pancake and on the right a real 180° Turndown]

What are your plans the next years regarding FMX?
I actually don't even know what I'm going to do tomorrow. It's too soon to talk about what I'm doing the next years. But I still want to ride my bike and have fun in my life.
Any words you want to say to your family, fans etc?
"I thing this is possible" HaHa

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